The Latest Chromebook Ad Is "for the Holidays," Features the New Acer C7

The first time the C7 has been showcased alongside the Samsung Chromebook

Google has been churning out Chromebook ads at quite a pace, though it took a breather about a month ago. It's back with a holiday-themed one, though it follows the now familiar tagline of "for everyone."

This one is dubbed "for the holidays" so you can probably guess what it's about. As with most Chromebook ads and most Google ads in general, Chromebooks don't make much of an appearance.

Rather, it's just a bunch of people (and one dog) going berserk over the presumably awesome presents they got for Christmas.

It doesn't seem like any of them got a Chromebook though. You decide if that's a good thing or not or whether they should be so thrilled about it or not.

The Chromebook makes an appearance at the very end and, interestingly, this time around both new Chromebooks are present, the $199, €152 Acer C7 and the $249, €192 ARM-powered Samsung Chromebook.

The latter has been prominently advertised and promoted since its introduction a couple of months ago. Perhaps Google was tired of paying to advertise a Samsung product.

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