The Largest Panorama in the World Weighs 320 Gigapixels

A panorama shot from atop the BT Tower in London is the world's biggest, for now

In recent years, there's been an informal competition between some photographers to create the biggest panorama images. Using special software and thousands of shots, these panoramas show incredible detail.

There's now a new record holder, a panoramic view of London weighing in at 320 gigapixels, 320 billion pixels.

The image was put together from shots taken atop of the BT Tower in London. Another panoramic view of London held the record a couple of years ago, but the competition has been mounting since.

This latest panorama was created by Jeffrey Martin, Holger Schulze and Tom Mills of 360Cities, the site that probably contributed the most to the gigapixel panoramic photo craze.

They used 48,640 photos shot with a DSLR mounted on a special device over a period of three days to stitch together the panorama.

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