The Internet Archive Will Pay Its Employees in Bitcoins

So it's now even more eager to receive donations in Bitcoin form

The Internet Archive is the latest organization to help legitimize Bitcoins as a currency, the organization announced that some of its employees have agreed to be paid, at least in part, in Bitcoins.

This means the Internet Archive finally has something to do with all the Bitcoins it has been amassing from donors over the past few years.

But it also means that it can start accepting more of them and is encouraging people who support the site to send a couple of Bitcoins their way, if you're interested, the address is 17gN64BPHtxi4mEM3qWrxdwhieUvRq8R2r.

Despite the odds, Bitcoin has a solid chance of making it and not imploding under its own weight. That is, until it's big enough to threaten the status quo.

At which point, you'll start hearing about all sorts of doomsday scenarios about how Bitcoin will destroy the global economy, how it's used by drug dealers and terrorists and so on. Thankfully, we're not quite there yet, but, unfortunately, with every step like this we're getting closer.

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