The Harlem Shake Meme Is Still Dead, but This Bookmarklet Is Too Good to Pass On

You can get any website to do the Harlem Shake, if that's your thing

The Harlem Shake meme is dead, if you're only now finding out about it, it's too late. Everyone's done it already, that's it. Then again, some entertainment can still be squeezed out if it, one particularly interesting creation is a bookmarklet which will get any website out there to do the Harlem Shake.

All you have to do is visit this website, drag the bookmarklet to the Chrome bookmarks bar (it has to be Chrome) and then set it loose on the unsuspecting web.

Moovweb worked a bit of JavaScript magic to get it working and the end result is best experienced by yourself. Best of all, the bookmarklet is a special Valentine's Day gift.

"The most romantic gifts are a timeless celebration, a priceless memento of what makes you uniquely you. Something that captures the essence of what you mean to us in ways no words can. So we’ve been up all night making something special just for you…" Moovweb explained.

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