The Greatest Vines of 2013 to Date – Video Compilation

Vine, like YouTube before it, gave rise to a unique set of creators

Vine's success is undeniable. Having launched just last year and only recently landing on Android, the short-form video sharing service is already used by millions of people.

That alone isn't saying much, as popular apps have come out of nowhere only to go back to obscurity only a few months or a few short years down the line.

What sets Vine apart though is that it's already attracted a few users that have mastered the app. Just like some people are "great at YouTube," some Vine users stand out above the rest with their unique creations that couldn't have existed anywhere else but on Vine, including on Instagram, which allows longer videos.

The six-second limitation makes for vastly different videos than what 15 seconds would allow. Twitter experimented with several lengths before picking six seconds and it looks like it was the best decision. All that said, enjoy the video compilation of some of the best Vines of the year to date.

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