The Google Play Store Is Big in Japan, Bigger than in the US

The Play Store app revenue is 311 percent up from last year

The Google Play Store is big in Japan, really big in fact, and its revenue is on the rise. According to data published by analytics firm App Annie, Play Store revenue is 311 percent bigger than a year ago.

Note that this is app revenue, not total Play Store revenue, as Google sees it. Still, music and movie sales can't be such a big chunk of total revenue, so the figure should be quite relevant, if only to show that things are fast improving.

But what's interesting is that the Play Store is now a bigger money maker in Japan than it is in the US. Why that is is up for interpretation, but it does show that, for one, US revenue could be bigger, and two, the international market is increasingly important.

Android fans shouldn't be that excited about the revenue growth; iOS is still much, much bigger. Still, it shows that Android is starting to pay off for Google, even though it's still going to be a while before the company recoups its investment.

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