The Google Knowledge Graph Carousel Lands on Tablets, Works for Local Searches

Google is expanding the visual search feature both to other platforms and with more data

Google is rolling out features from its tablet site to desktop users, but it's going the other way around, implementing features that have been desktop-only so far in the tablet site.

The Google Knowledge Graph carousel was introduced a few months ago for several types of searches.

It has now been spotted by tablet users, indicating that Google is testing the feature there before a wider rollout. Not only that, the carousel now works for local searches as well, expanding its coverage.

The fact that local results are now included is the biggest development. Google has been doubling down on local for a few years now and it's especially important on mobile devices, which is probably why Google introduced the feature there first.

This is also another example of Google's bigger emphasis on solid design, as the new info boxes make it clear.


The Google Knowledge Graph Carousel (2 Images)

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