The First Video Shot Entirely with Google Glass at the DVF Fashion Show

Google isn't doing its best to keep up interest in its futuristic tech project

A few days ago, some photos shot with Google Glass during the New York Fashion Week surfaced. The glasses were used during Diane von Furstenberg's presentation.

Models were seen wearing the glasses, even on the catwalk, and Google founder and head of Project Glass and Google X Sergey Brin made a cameo appearance at the end of the presentation.

DVF is done with the teasing photos and has released an entire video, of the presentation with Diane herself narrating, all shot with Google Glass.

The video benefits from professional editing and talented people putting it together, but in the end it's all been done with the glasses. The quality isn't great, but it's on par with what you'd expect from a phone camera.

Moreover, Brin recently talked about the technology and the devices revealing some interesting new details.

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