The First Screenshot of the Alleged Touchscreen Chromebook, Chrome OS Only

There's now a screenshot of the Chrome OS running on the touch Chromebook

The touch-based Chromebook is looking more real, it seems that the Chrome OS build for the upcoming device is already in the works, which would hardly be surprising if the device were real.

There's now a screenshot of said Chrome OS build, the telltale sign is the platform name displayed in the chrome://version page which is "link," different from the platform names of both Chromebooks and the Chromebox.

It allegedly comes straight from the device, the build is labeled as "official" and comes with the Chrome branding not Chromium, the open source version that anyone can modify. Still, these things are easy to fake.

Other than the platform name, it's a fairly standard looking Chrome OS. It could be said that the Chrome OS UI, especially on the Aura desktop is already well suited for touch input, at least as well suited as any classic desktop OS is going to be.

But Chrome, not to mention most web apps and pages, is not built with touch input in mind. This new touch Chromebook will still sport a hardware keyboard and the laptop form factor, it's going to be something like the new Windows 8 ultrabooks. That is, if it exists at all.

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