The Facebook "Entity Graph" Is the Answer and Competitor to Google's Knowledge Graph

Facebook may have a long way to go, but its search ambitions aren't humble

Facebook's search efforts are interesting, but they're not exactly aimed at countering Google, at least not directly. Graph Search is more about people than answers. But it's just the beginning, the early beginning, Facebook has bigger ambitions, ambitions which may put it directly in the path of Google.

The social network has a relatively small team working on improving what it calls the "entity graph," what Google calls the Knowledge Graph.

For now, it seems that Facebook is more interested in places rather than higher concepts, but it has to start somewhere.

It's also taking a different approach to Google, it's relying on people for the accuracy of the data. The site is encouraging users, in various subtle way, to contribute more details about places nearby or to correct info they know is false.

Yet, while Google and Facebook may be taking different approaches and are coming from two very different backgrounds, they're both gunning for the same results, the next-generation search engine, one which understands the concepts behind queries and one which knows what you need before you ask it.

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