The Exquisite Google Now Is Being Built into Chrome

The next generation search app is landing in Chrome

Google Now, the much lauded search app for Android is venturing beyond the mobile realm.

It seems that Google is working on bringing Now to Chrome, making it possible for desktop and Chromebook owners alike to get a taste of the future of search, as Google envisions it.

For now, all we have to go on are some hints in the source code, but Google wouldn't be adding something this big just to play around, Google is definitely building it.

A recent addition to the Chrome source code shows that this is early stage, there's just a skeleton for what's to come.

Apparently, Google Now Cards will be included in Chrome notifications, though it's safe to assume that it will be integrated into the search experience as well.

All the adjustments to the new tab page are starting to make even more sense. It's going to be months before Google Now is in a usable state in Chrome, but the clear thing is that it's coming.

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