The European Parliament Votes Against ITU's Attempt at Taking Over the Internet

The ITU wants to extend its powers from telephone communications to the internet

The internet as we know it is under threat, not from hackers or wrongdoers, but from bureaucrats backed by governments and companies with strict agendas, agendas that don't coincide with how the internet works now.

The UN's International Telecommunications Union, a group representing telecommunication companies, wants to expand its reach beyond voice calls and into data, i.e. the internet.

There's a great reason for this, the ITU is slowly becoming obsolete and useless, along with the companies behind it. Telcos are losing their power and they'd do anything to keep it.

At the same time, countries like Russia and China want more freedom in their control of the internet. Both already censor the internet freely, but they want more legitimacy.

Thankfully, pretty much everyone else is against this. In the US, everyone from politicians to Google believe this is a bad idea, albeit for different reasons.

Now, the European Parliament has passed a resolution that makes it clear it is against the attempt by the ITU to extend its reach.

With a majority vote, the European Parliament believes that the internet would not benefit from having one governing body and that it works now precisely because it is government by many stakeholders, none of which has too much power over it.

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