The EU Won't Let Google Get Away as Easily as the FTC Did

The EU is still investigating whether Google is a monopoly

Google may have dodged a bullet with the FTC, but it's not out of the woods yet. The US regulators found nothing illegal about Google's practices, though they did force the company to change a couple of relatively small things.

But the EU is still investigating the matter and, judging by history, it's not going to let Google off the hook so easily.

That's not to say that the FTC was wrong and that EU will discover some illegal practices, but EU regulators have a tendency to go after big American companies and punish them mostly for just being big.

In fact, the EU has been waiting on the results of the FTC investigation to decide how to push forward. But the FTC's decision had no impact on the current investigation, the European Commission's competition regulators said.

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