The Dropbox Space Race Is Over, Students from All Over the World Get 25 GB Free

Millions of students participated, but Dropbox isn't saying how many actually got bonuses

The Dropbox Space Race has ended. No one has left the Earth's atmosphere, but everyone involved made off with more storage space for their accounts. The Space Race pitted schools against each other in an effort to spread the Dropbox gospel far and wide.

The challenge was to convince as many students to join Dropbox and associate their school email to it. Students already get some perks, like bigger referral bonuses, but the idea now was to make it a school-wide phenomenon.

The schools that were the most persuasive got 25 GB of free space per user, for two years.

To make it a fair challenge, the ranking for the free space was based on how many students went to a particular school and how many of them signed up.

That said, Dropbox also published global and country-specific rankings, to keep the competition going.

The National University of Singapore won all round, it got 20,403 students to sign up for the race. That said, they still only get 25 GB of space, just like everyone else that reached their goals.

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