The Chromebook Pixel Has Automatic Photo Uploads to Google+ via New Photos App

The new Chromebook comes with a new purpose-built photos app

The Chromebook Pixel is certainly a standout device, though that doesn't mean anyone will buy it. But apart from the specs, there's one interesting feature exclusive to the Pixel, for now, automatic photo uploads.

The Chrome OS photo app for the Pixel detects any photos on your SD card and automatically uploads them to Google+.

"The Pixel literally 'speaks photos.' No more cables, no more software, etc. Just pop in your SD card and photos are seamlessly, effortlessly upload to G+," Google+'s Bradley Horowitz wrote.

The photos app also makes it easier to manage photos and even detects poor quality ones, for example blurry photos, and won't include those in albums you may want to publish on Google+. The app is purpose built for the Chrome Pixel, it's already available in the Chrome Web Store.

It's also designed with touch input in mind, which means it won't be of much use to other Chromebook users, for the moment. A version for the rest of the Chromebooks is on its way to the Chrome Web Store though.

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