The Android-Powered BBK BitTorrent Box Is Now on Sale

The box comes with uTorrent built in and also pairs with the desktop app

There are plenty of "boxes" that offer ways of hooking up your TV to the internet or of serving digital content to the big screen. And with CES underway, more are bound to come. But the BBK BitTorrent Box is a somewhat special and its name should tell you why.

The BBK BitTorrent Box is the first Android-powered device certified by BitTorrent, the company, and it comes with uTorrent built-in. This means you can grab your favorite torrents straight to the box, leaving them to download while you're at work or at school.

Granted, the small storage space on offer means you won't be cramming too many HD movies on the device, or any of them actually, but you can add more space with SD cards or USB memory sticks.

While it's calling it a Google TV box, it doesn't seem to be running Google TV but a custom Android ICS. That said, you get access to the Play Store, apparently. It works with the desktop uTorrent app, so you can stream anything in your library.

There are other ways, even better ways, of getting a box with BitTorrent and media streaming, but if you want a hassle-free experience and a box that's been approved by BitTorrent, the BBK BitTorrent Box could be a good choice. It's now selling for €90, $117 in Europe.

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