TV Shack Pirate Won’t Be Extradited to the US After All

US authorities have come to an agreement with the “pirate”

Richard O'Dwyer, the TV Shack admin that was supposed to be extradited to the US from the UK for copyright infringement that others did, is no longer in danger of being forcefully shipped off across the Atlantic.

Authorities didn't have a change of heart, but rather he was able to strike a deal with the US prosecution which would have him pay some damages and promise not to do it again.

The outcome is much better than what most involved had hoped for. TV Shack was a link site, it did not host any files, infringing or otherwise, rather it pointed people to places where various content could be streamed from.

Such sites have been found legal in the UK on several occasions. As such, the US media corporations didn't bother trying to sue him in the UK, but asked for him to be extradited to the US where they could get a much more favorable outcome in court.

Despite widespread criticism, the extradition was approved earlier this year. An appeal was scheduled to take place, but now that he's struck a deal with the US authorities, the extradition becomes moot.

He will fly to the US voluntarily in the next two weeks to complete the settlement and pay the damages, a small sum reportedly.

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