Street View Half-Cat, a Hoax

It's not Google's fault there's only half a cat, but you can blame Photoshop

Apparently, the mystery half-cat that made the rounds on the Internet yesterday is a hoax.

Sure, it’s still funny, but apparently the cute little mutant wasn’t a result of faulty panoramic stitching. Instead, the photograph was born in… Photoshop.

Since such images aren’t exactly unique on the Internet (as many have tried to put together great panoramic images and failed), the idea that the picture was actually found on Google Street View wasn’t far-fetched.

Furthermore, despite the fact that the information came from a Twitter account that usually posts Street View pictures, the image isn’t even from the well-known service.

Instead, Thumbeline, as the cat is named, was simply walking along in Ottawa, Canada back in 2003, around Parliament Hill, sources say.

Regardless, true or not, the image garnered a lot of laughs and whether Google was at fault or not isn’t exactly relevant.

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