Still Coming Up Empty Handed, the FTC to Continue to Look for the Google Monopoly into 2013

The EU and the FTC are looking to find something, anything they can pin on Google

Google's troubles with antitrust regulators are continuing. The company has been under investigation over monopolistic behavior on both sides of the Atlantic, though no one has made an official accusation just yet. Various parts of Google's business are under review, though the focus is on search and advertising.

Despite the grandstanding and the threats, neither the EU nor the FTC have managed to get enough evidence to press for a lawsuit, or get a good deal out of Google.

In fact, the FTC seemed ready to give up and settle with Google over some minor issues, just to give the impression that it did something.

But that's no longer the case and Google has the EU to thank for that. The Europeans were waiting for the results of the FTC investigation and it's widely believed that the EU would have pushed for tougher settlement terms with Google.

If the FTC settled first and then the EU got "better" terms, the US agency wouldn't have looked good. So now, the deal that seemed solid and ready to be signed over the last days of 2012, will now be pushed to 2013.

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