States Join Forces to Review Comcast and Time Warner Cable Merger Reuters

US states fear that the merger does not respect antitrust laws

Several US states are joining the Justice Department in an investigation that will determine if the Comcast and Time Warner Cable merger plans are legal under the country’s antitrust laws.

According to Reuters, Florida’s state attorney general’s office said it would be reviewing the proposed transaction along with the Department of Justice and its antitrust division.

The $45.2 billion deal would see the two giants joining forces in taking over a huge share of America’s cable business. Many fear that bills could hike due to the agreement.

Furthermore, others are concerned that there are already too few options when citizens try to sign up for broadband or cable services and this would only limit them further.

While content producers fear that there will now be too few buyers for their products, which would push their fees down. However, the attorneys general group is mainly focused on the broadband part of the issue.

Comcast has already argued that the deal will not result in a reduced competition among companies in the United States, despite the fact that the resulting company would be present in one of three homes across the States.

The announcement regarding the desired merger came on February 13.

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