Starting with Chrome 33, Google Will Block Local Extensions for Windows Users

If the extensions you have installed are not in the Web Store, they'll be disabled

Google will start blocking local Chrome extensions on Windows starting with version 33, the company announced.

This means that Windows users will only be able to use extensions created for the popular web browser by installing them via the Chrome Web store.

The move seeks to make the browser safer by protecting users from malicious extensions, which either infect the computer or take over the browser’s settings.

Basically, users will only be allowed to install extensions hosted in the Chrome Web store. It will, however, still be possible to install extensions via enterprise policy or developer mode.

Extensions that are already installed on Chrome, but they’re not found in the store, will be hard disabled. The same exceptions as above apply here.

Google first announced its intention to start a war against such extensions back in November and it has already delayed the implementation of the new rules, since the previous date was in January.

Chrome 33 beta was released last month and the stable version, along with the extension changes, are to arrive in the next few weeks.

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