Star in Your Own Gangnam Style Video, Courtesy of JibJab

You can make your very own version of the video, starring you or your friends

No one is quite sure why, but Psy's Gangnam Style video went far beyond being an internet phenomenon and is now a global phenomenon.

It's the most popular video on YouTube and it's on its way to breaking the one billion views barrier.

It's no surprise then that there are countless parodies and spoofs on YouTube and everywhere else.

If you're tempted to make your own, but only want to waste a couple of minutes on it, JibJab has just the thing for you, the Gangnam Style video maker.

All you need is a photo of you, or any friend you want to make fun of. A few seconds later, you've got your very own version of the video to share. This is a free ecard from JibJab, so there's nothing stopping you.

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