Spotify Now Free with Orange Young Subscribers in Switzerland

Spotify is taking a page out of Deezer's play book

Deezer has been racking up subscribers at a fast rate, indicating that its strategy of covering as many markets as possible is paying off.

But equally important has been its partnership with Orange, which has helped it be discovered by more people.

Now, Spotify is following lead and has announced a partnership with Orange as well. It's only for Switzerland, but it's very likely just a trial run.

There are two parts to the deal. For one, Spotify is now available to Orange Young subscribers for free.

Orange Young is a program aimed at those under 27, as the name suggests. Now, along with unlimited calls and texts, subscribers also get Spotify for free.

What's more, listening to music on their phones won't count towards their monthly data allowance, so there's no additional cost either, it is truly free.

Orange is also now offering a standard Spotify subscription to all of its other subscribers for the same price as buying directly from Spotify. The upshot is that you'll get just one bill at the end of the month and that data traffic will be free.

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