Spotify Lets Artists Sell Merchandise on Its Platform

You'll be able to buy merchandise from your favorite artists straight from Spotify

Artists can now start listing their merchandise on Spotify, for free, as the company keeps a promise it made last year.

In-App merchandise listings are brought in partnership with Topspin and the list includes T-shirts, vinyl, posters and bundles, the company announced.

Thanks to the agreement between Spotify and Topspin, there will be no fees or commissions.

“We’ve been testing this merchandise functionality with a number of artists over the last month and the response from fans has been fantastic. We’re really excited that Spotify’s 24 million music-loving users can now see merchandise and concerts while listening to their favorite artists, and that we, in turn, can provide additional revenue opportunities for artists of all sizes,” the company writes.

The merchandise listings within Spotify link to an artist’s existing merchandise on the Web. Artists need to create a Topspin Artistlink account, verify their identity and get the listing moderated and approved.

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