Spotify Has 5 Million Paying Users, 4.7 Million Playlists Called "Love"

The service is up to 20 million users in total and wants a lot more

Spotify is gearing up to make some big announcements later today. The speculation is that this means a follower model, like on Twitter, and, finally, a web app. Before all that though, Spotify is doing a bit of bragging and publishing some user numbers.

The big one is that the service has over five million paying customers all over the world. That's a big number, bigger than any of the competition can hope for. One million of those are in the US.

It's still probably not enough, it's never going to be enough actually, as most of Spotify's revenue goes to the music labels and the more subscribers it has, the more money it has to pay.

In fact, Spotify has paid some $500 million, €384.50 million to rights holders, artists, labels, songwriters and so on.

Still, it's now up to 20 million users in total, again, the biggest number for on-demand music services.

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