Spotify Halts Music Downloads, Which You Didn't Even Know Existed

The feature wasn't very popular and now it's not available anymore

Spotify is the premiere music streaming service on the web, or at least the best known. But what few people actually know is that it also offers music downloads, like iTunes or the Amazon MP3 Store.

And it's precisely because so few people knew that Spotify decided to stop offering the option altogether.

Music purchases are no longer available in most if not all countries Spotify operates in. The feature was not available everywhere, it wasn't an option in the US for example.

It's rather obvious why Spotify would do this, few people actually bought music via Spotify.

It makes sense too, why buy the music when you can listen to it already, that's what you're paying (or not paying as the case may be) Spotify for, after all.

"We recently updated Spotify to further simplify the service and pave the way for new features announced at the end of last year. In-app purchases aren’t part of this update but we’re not ruling out their return. Credits/gift cards already purchased are still redeemable," Spotify explained.

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