Spofity Seeks to Hire US Filing Expert, Awakens IPO Rumors Reuters

Naturally, Spotify refused to discuss the issue, as many other companies before it

The online industry is buzzing again as yet another service is apparently heading for the stock market, a huge step for any company.

According to Reuters, Spotify is looking to hire a US financial reporting specialist, which adds to speculation that the start-up is preparing to go public this year.

The recruitment announcement was posted on Spotify’s website and on LinkedIn. The candidate needs to know how to prepare the company for SEC filing standards and to set up all the necessary files.

Filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission are mandatory ahead of the IPO. For instance, Twitter had been in talks with SEC for months before it filed for the Initial Public Offering.

As always, Spotify refused to discuss the issue, but then again, neither did Twitter a few months back, taking everyone by surprise with the announcement.

Spotify’s value is estimated at $8 billion (€5.84 billion), especially after managing to raise $250 million (€182.4 million) in a funding round back in November.

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