Speedy Internet Access to Be Delivered to UK Travelers by Year End

Ofcom's latest decision allows transport operators to give users better Internet speeds

UK telecoms watchdog Ofcom gave airlines and other transport operators the green light to use satellite-based earth stations to deliver broadband speeds of up to 10 times faster than the ones currently made available.

The new technology should provide users with more bandwidth, which means that they’ll be able to surf the net faster.

Ofcom is freeing up 4,128 MGz of spectrum. There are still some ways to go, however, since in order to deliver the faster speeds, the ship, train or airplane would have to carry an earth station device connecting it to a geostationary satellite orbiting the Earth.

In the past, operators had to use air-to-ground 3G stations or other platforms based on satellite to provide Internet access to customers. The technology backed by Ofcom enables operators to track satellites closely. This should, in turn, provide speedier and more reliable connections.

UK travelers could benefit from these changes by the end of the year.

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