Spanish Link Site Owners Face Six Years in Prison Under New Law

US lobbyists are getting their money's worth in Spain

Spain, which has long had one of the most common sense copyright laws in the world, is moving fast towards the other extreme, with increasingly draconian and nonsensical laws. Most recently, it approved a new measure that would threaten six years in prison for owners of sites that link to pirated content, Reuters reports.

The amendment doesn't target everyday pirates, but it doesn't target those sharing the content either. Instead, any sites that links to pages on other sites that may include infringing content is liable.

Luckily, there are still some limitations to the law. For one, it targets sites that attempt to make a profit, by running ads for example. What's more, peer-to-peer file sharing sites as well as generic search engines aren't included by the law. The users themselves can't be punished.

However, the reason why Spain is making this amendment is ridiculous at best, since politicians are citing a completely bogus list of countries that don't "respect" intellectual property put together by Us lobbyists.

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