South Korea Has the Best Internet in the World, Hong Kong the Fastest

South East Asia has always had the best internet connections

Akamai's quarterly State of the Internet report provides a unique perspective into internet development and broadband deployment around the world. The CDN has been publishing these reports for years, basing them on data it sees at its many data centers around the world.

Hardly surprising, in the Q3 2012 report, South Korea continues to have the best internet in the world followed by Japan and Hong Kong. When it comes to average broadband speeds, it's South East Asia that takes the crown.

Europe apart from the US at number nine, there are only European countries in the top 10 list based on average speed.

Average speed is probably the most relevant metric since, as the name suggests, it provides insight into the type of speeds users regularly see, not just the occasional burst.

Even though it's third in the average broadband speeds top, Hong Kong has the fastest internet of them all, with a 54.1 Mbps average peak speed, the first time a country has gone past the 50 Mbps mark.


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