SoundCloud Has Heard the Complaints and Has Fixed Some of the Biggest Issues

The new SouldCloud has its fans but it has its detractors as well

SoundCloud is big enough that changes to the site or service rarely go unnoticed. And a change as the big redesign of last week could hardly have gone unnoticed.

While plenty of users were happy to see some of the most requested features finally being implemented, there were plenty who didn't like the new version.

This happens to any site that's big enough, Facebook can't do anything without raising the ire of thousands of users. But SoundCloud is on it and has, in fact, already implemented some changes based on the feedback.

The new SoundCloud spent months in beta and was tested by a huge number of people, so it already got plenty of feedback, 60,000 comments since it started testing. But rolling out to millions of people made some issues painfully clear.

"In the past few days we’ve already deployed some improvements based on feedback (increased visibility of Groups, tweaked suggested users, restored 5 Spotlight items), and will continue to be making further changes over the coming days and weeks," SoundCloud explained.

After the smaller issues are taken care of, SoundCloud is focusing on a better Spotlight and better profiles, which should lead to better engagement. Also on the agenda is improved Sets, the new playlist-like feature introduced with the new site, and interactive comments.

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