SoundCloud Disables Comments to Deal with Load Issues Caused by the Updates

You can get the comments back with the old version of the site, which is still operational

SoundCloud's been getting a lot of attention today and for good reason, the brand spanking new SoundCloud website is here and the company bragged about its latest stats as well.

But it seems that all of this attention may not have been a good thing as it swamped the API and SoundCloud has resorted to disabling the comments to keep the service chugging along under the load.

"Our API is experiencing some issues, due to heavy traffic related to the updates we made today. This may result in some page elements failing to load," SoundCloud explained on its status blog.

"Comments have been temporarily disabled in order to reduce server load and help us stabilise faster. Our team are all hands on deck, working hard to return service to normal," it added.

Things should be going back to normal soon and, for many, getting rid of the comments is a great bonus not a downside. Still, if you miss a constant stream of people shouting random things and promoting their awesome dubstep remixes, you can switch to the old version of the site temporarily. Find out how here.

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