Sony Shuts Down Reader Store, Moves Content to Kobo

Starting with March 20, Reader Store will no longer be available

Sony has announced that it is going to close the Reader Store in the United States and Canada next month, on March 20.

If you have an account, rest assured, your data won’t be lost. Sony plans to transfer customers of the Reader Store over to Kobo. “We strongly believe that this transition will allow you to enjoy a continued high-quality e-reading experience,” the company said.

Previously purchased books will continue to be available for download from the new account. Users will receive a notification containing a link that will help them transfer their libraries to Kobo sometime next month.

Any existing Reader Store credits on an account will be transferred to the Kobo account where users will be able to spend them on the Kobo Store.

“We are fully committed to helping you through this exciting transition to Kobo. With the Kobo Store, you'll have access to more than 4 million of the world's best books, magazines, comics and kids' titles, all at your fingertips,” the team over at Sony explains, trying to point to the silver lining.

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