Snake Handling with Google Glass

Glass proves useful when you have a venomous snake on your hands

Google Glass is still reserved for a select few. Google doesn't hand out the device to just anyone and, to date, it's been mostly developers or Internet celebrities. But that's not always the case, as the search giant just wants people who can put Glass to good use and make for an interesting story.

Snake handling certainly qualifies as interesting. A video put together by the Houston Zoo explains how employees handle the most venomous snakes in the exhibit when they need to examine the animal and get a better look.

The video is shot with Google Glass, which comes in very handy in situations where you need your hands free. Handling a Black Forest Cobra certainly requires both your hands.

Granted, Google Glass is just being used as a strap-on video camera in this instance, but it's easy to imagine other ways it would be useful in a situation like this, something like "OK Glass, call me an ambulance" or "OK Glass, how to treat snake bites."

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