Six Strikes Anti-Pirate Program Postponed to 2013 in the US

The program would have pirates punished for their behavior

A "six-strikes" scheme to punish copyright infringement in the US has been in the works for quite a while, but progress, thankfully, has been slow.

Obviously, such a move would get a lot of people riled up, so the industry has been cautious. The deployment of the scheme has now been pushed to "early 2013" even though it was supposed to have gone in effect already.

The Center for Copyright Information, which is supposed to be the neutral body governing the entire thing, has said that Hurricane Sandy has made it impossible to test the new technology on time, accounting for the delay.

The scheme would have ISPs issue warnings to their customers based on reports of copyright infringement. No one has to prove anything, they just have to point fingers. No one is getting their internet connection severed, but there will be several measures to deter repeat offenders.

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