Site Shows in Real Time How Mitt Romney Is Losing Facebook Friends

The presidential candidate has lost 8,000 friends in 14 hours

US presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s popularity is decreasing by the second after he has lost the elections. Even a website has been launched to show how users are unfriending him on Facebook.

It appears that Romney is slowly saying farewell to the dream of becoming president. His Twitter and Facebook accounts haven’t been updated since Saturday and the number of fans is decreasing rapidly.

According to the figures provided by, Mitt Romney has already lost almost 8,000 of his Facebook friends in the last 14 hours alone.

On the other hand, unlike other former presidential candidates, such as Sarah Palin and John McCain, who maintained their profiles to keep in touch with their supporters, Romney might not be affected by this sudden drop in the number of “friends.”

As the Examiner highlights, he has revealed his plan to step down from the political scene after the elections.

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