Share Price Surges as "Experts" Finally Believe in Facebook

Shares are their highest since July and will probably continue to grow

Surprising no one but the experts, Facebook stock is on the rise again, in another big surge having jumped 8 percent in just one day.

Eight percent is a huge increase for a company worth tens of billions of dollars, but Facebook's share price has been governed by anything but facts so far, it's still got some room to grow before the artificial drops are overcome.

At least this time around, the bump in price can be traced to some relevant cause, Wall Street analysts are finally becoming more optimistic about Facebook's future.

Bernstein Research upgraded its rating from "market perform" to "outperform," which means it believes Facebook will grow faster than the overall market for the short-term future. Bernstein had been one of the most pessimistic about Facebook's growth potential.

Other analysts also had more optimistic predictions, leading share price to peak at very close to $26, closing at $25.94. Facebook hasn't seen this kind of numbers since July.

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