Sergey Brin Shows Off Google Glasses and the 360 Degree Panorama Feature

Project Glass is still very much experimental, but Google is keeping it in the spotlight

Google is keeping up the hype around its Project Glass smart glasses. Only recently, Glass made an appearance at the New York Fashion Week. Now, Sergey Brin is showcasing them to the Wall Street Journal and also revealing a few more details in the process.

The glasses are still mostly used for photos, but the voice control feature was put through its paces and seems to work OK. In fact, OK seems to be the keyword to activate it, saying "OK Glass" brings up a menu on the HUD and also prompts the device to listen to voice commands.

You can then tell it to "take a photo" to, well, take a photo. The device can also make calls, send text messages, access Google Maps or shoot a video.

Actually, those are the functions that show up in the UI and some versions of the prototypes have those features, but the ones that got paraded around didn't have built-in maps, nor voice call or text message support.

Sergey revealed that his favorite feature was the time-lapse photo feature. With time-lapse, photos are snapped automatically at a certain interval without any intervention from the user.

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