Script of the Day: two.js

A powerful JavaScript library for rendering 2D graphics

Created on top of the well-known Three.js 3D JavaScript library, two.js is a downgraded version of the original API, modified to work with 2D graphics only.

As does Three.js, two.js supports all its rendering modes, WebGL, SVG, and HTML 5 canvas, allowing easy, yet powerful 2D graphics and animations to be created and sequenced together.

Two.js supports looping and a powerful animation scene manager, along with advanced support for vector shapes and a useful SVG importer.

While Three.js has seen great adoption rates, it is recommended that developers use two.js for 2D animations, since most of Three.js features have been ported to two.js, but without the 3D-related code, useless and unused for 2D animations. This ensures a leaner, faster, and maintainable codebase.

The two.js code is currently open sourced under the MIT license and can be forked on GitHub.

Download two.js from our Scripts section here.

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