Script of the Day: productColorizer

jQuery plugin for creating product mockups with various color options

productColorizer is a jQuery plugin that will help developers create one of the most cool widgets you can see in online stores: the product mock-up where users can select and apply different colors to their desired products to preview the final result before purchasing it.

productColorizer heavily relies on image masking techniques to help overlay color options over a shape.

This means that many color options can be applied at the same time over multiple masks, allowing different parts of a product to be customized with productColorizer.

The plugin is not for jQuery novices, but examples are provided with the download package. The usage scenarios are infinite, but implementing such a system is quite difficult to do in dynamic systems, since the product mask needs in most cases to be created by hand.

The productColorizer source code can be forked from GitHub.

Download productColorizer from our Scripts section here.

Check out more productColorizer screenshots here.

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