Script of the Day: pickadate.js

A simple jQuery plugin for easily creating date pickers

pickadate.js is what the name hints it to be, a simple JavaScript-based date picker for easily inputting date values in Web forms.

Created for the jQuery JavaScript framework, pickadate.js has extensive support for a multitude of date formats, lots of customizable options and a default skin to integrate with any website style.

pickadate.js also supports localized translations and easy theming via CSS, along with many more other functions detailed in the online documentation.

Indeed a truly remarkable tool, pickadate.js, even if relatively new compared to other similar solutions, it seriously outdoes many of them by a long shot. Besides this, pickadate.js is also very lightweight, at around 3.6kb when gzipped.

The pickadate.js source code is currently freely available on GitHub.

Download pickadate.js from our Scripts section here.

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