Script of the Day: modglob

A PHP script to detect file changes inside a Web directory

Modglob will watch all files inside the Web directory it's been placed in. It's not a fully blown security system, but will show which files were recently changed inside that folder for a period of time.

Modglob is better suited for static folders where changes regularly don't happen. It's a good way to watch for unauthorized file uploads or irregular file changes.

To avoid scanning cache folders or other directories that get changed a lot, an ignore list can be setup at any time.

Different log levels can be implemented, along with a customizable scan interval allowing developers to control server workflow and avoid bottlenecks due to frequent folder scans.

Couple this with its built-in mail alerts system, modglob will immediately warn webmasters about any potential threats or unauthorized updates.

Download modglob from our Scripts section here.

Modglob is also hosted on GitHub, if you fancy working with Git

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