Script of the Day: ll.filtrera.js

A simple jQuery plugin for searching and filtering large fragments of text

Developed by Lundgren+Lindqvist, ll.filtera.js is a jQuery-based search tool for large pieces of text.

It's not a search engine in the way Google is, but it's not a filtering tool either. So the best way to characterize the plugin is to call it a “search tool.”

ll.filtera.js works in conjunction with jQuery to acquire a user's search term and find it inside a designated block of text. If the block of text is split into paragraphs, list items, table rows, etc., elements not containing the search term will be hidden from view to enhance the results set. Additionally, a background color will be applied to the search term inside the block of text, highlighting its position.

ll.filtera.js also supports pre-defined search terms for automated search queries. These terms can be shown as tags or buttons under the search field and will speed up the searching process in case of common terms.

A demo can be accessed on ll.filtera.js' homepage (see link above) and if interested in contributing to the source code, the plugin can be forked from GitHub.

Download ll.filtrera.js from our Scripts section here.

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