Script of the Day: jq-tiles

Create cool image slideshows with jQuery and CSS 3

jq-tiles is yet another jQuery and CSS3 system for creating powerful, customizable image slideshows for embedding in Web pages.

We previously featured many similar plugins on our Script of the Day series, but jq-tiles is by no means inferior to any of them. It's just an alternative solution to the same old problem of featuring content on a Web page via a rotating image carousel.

jq-tiles supports all the classic slideshow features, starting with animated transitions, image captions, slideshow controls and ending with thumbnail previews of upcoming slides.

If the user's browser does not support CSS3 transitions (used to power the slideshow animations), jq-tiles animations are a little bit choppy, but work nevertheless.

The jq-tiles source code is open sourced and currently available via GitHub.

Download jq-tiles from our Scripts section here.

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