Script of the Day: jobberBase

A minimalistic, PHP, MySQL and AJAX-based job portal

A job portal's development will require a big bank account, so if you're not a mini Bill Gates and funds are quite hard to come by, jobberBase is one of the platforms to take into account before delving into your job listings project.

At the core of the Romanian website, a service for finding local web-development jobs, jobberBase was open-sourced a few years back to great reviews.

Heavily relying on an AJAX-based real-time search tool, jobberBase is a perfect tool for small to medium job portals, and not only for web-development jobs, being able to function with any job type.

The admin panel provides a wide range of configuration options and total control of the displayed and user submitted jobs.

A working demo for jobberBase can be tested via Softaculous, while the project's development is handled and hosted via Google Code.

Download jobbeBase from our Scripts section here.

Check out more jobbeBase screenshots here.

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