Script of the Day: jQuery Timelinr

A jQuery plugin for displaying vertical or horizontal timeline sliders

Creating Web-based timelines is not a monumental coding challenge as it used to be a few years back. Mainly because of solutions like CSSLab's jQuery Timelinr plugin which allows a much easier configuration process than before.

While extremely impressive, timelines are regarded as hard to code due to the multitude of events that a developer has to keep track of while animating his slider.

The jQuery Timelinr plugin provides a basic structure on which events and slider content can be added and then integrated in the timeline with ease.

Instead of checking for proper behavior, a developer's main task now is to add the correct content. A welcomed evolution in timeline widget embedding.

jQuery Timelinr's source code can be forked via GitHub. Examples can be found in the default package, to help developers get started on their own timelines.

Download jQuery Timelinr from our Scripts section here.

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