Script of the Day: jQuery RS Carousel

A simple jQuery carousel plugin, integrated with jQuery UI

jQuery RS Carousel is a generic jQuery plugin for creating any kind of carousel-like structure.

Outfitted with enough configuration options to make any developer smile with joy, jQuery RS Carousel provides a toolkit perfect for building multi-functional image or content sliders, without having to load larger-than-life jQuery slideshow plugins that take more time to load than jQuery itself.

Well-known carousel features like navigational links, sideways navigational elements, autoplay on page load, looping support and panel pagination mechanisms are included.

Besides them, complying with the modern era in Web development, support for responsive layouts is included, making jQuery RS Carousel fully mobile friendly.

The plugin can be used for both horizontal or vertical scrolling carousels, and adjusting its overall design and style should be very easy by editing the included CSS files.

You can track jQuery RS Carousel development via its central jQuery repository page or via its GitHub profile.

Download jQuery RS Carousel from our Scripts section here.

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