Script of the Day: jQuery Mobile Twitter Bootstrap Theme

A jQuery Mobile theme based on Twitter's Bootstrap framework

jQuery Mobile has enjoyed huge success since it was launched, and so did Twitter's Bootstrap front-end framework. So it was only natural that the two projects were combined, and what better way to do it than a skin for jQuery Mobile, based on Bootstrap.

Maybe not the most original name around, the jQuery Mobile Twitter Bootstrap Theme will allow mobile app developers to create apps that look like their favorite front-end framework, Bootstrap, but which benefit from all the development and support of one of the best mobile development platforms, jQuery Mobile.

Six swatches (color variations) are included by default, allowing developers to quickly choose and implement one, or use it as the base for one of their own.

The theme's source code is available on GitHub and multiple demos are provided with the download package.

Download  jQuery Mobile Twitter Bootstrap Theme from our Scripts section here.

Check out more jQuery Mobile Twitter Bootstrap Theme screenshots here.

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