Script of the Day: jOrgChart

Create diagrams, flow charts and organization graphs with jQuery

There's now a way to create JavaScript-based interactive flow charts, using the jOrgChart jQuery plugin.

Flow charts, also known as diagrams, are graphs for representing hierarchical data in a visual way.

Previously, when having to embed a flow chart, most developers would quickly go to Microsoft's Office toolkit and create one in PowerPoint or Word, take a screenshot and embed it in the page as an inline image.

jOrgChart is great for various reasons. Besides the easy way it handles complicated structures, it also allows users to re-organize the diagram via simple drag and drop gestures.

If the diagram gets too big, just click one of the parent nodes and all its siblings will minimize inside it.

Check out a demo of jOrgChart here. If anyone is interested in contributing to its code, the project is now hosted on GitHub.

Download jOrgChart from our Scripts section here.

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