Script of the Day: jHERE

A jQuery plugin for dealing with the Nokia Maps API


is a wrapper for the Nokia HERE Maps API, and was built for the jQuery JavaScript framework.

The plugin was created to simplify the complicated Nokia HERE Maps API, reducing development time for mapping or geolocation applications.

jHERE's main purpose is to ship a simple interface to deal with the API's underbelly, letting the developer concentrate on other facets of his project.

Basic jHERE controls allow developers to set a map's zoom level, dimensions, type, center location, markers, custom markers, tooltips, right click menus and even disable mouse interactions.

jHere also supports KML parsing & rendering, along with the ability of generating heatmaps with one line of code.

Extensions also provide support for map shape overlays, routing and even reverse geocoding.

For the latest versions of jHERE, you can fork it's source code from GitHub.

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